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Pomilio Blumm founded the UEN – the first European-based network – in 2005, based on the company’s ability to capture the Euro-Mediterranean centrality of the EU’s strategies. Between the years 2010 to 2015, the network reached a total coverage of 39 countries, and, today, with the growing role of the EU within the global arena, it proudly boasts 103 offices and over 7200 professional staff, worldwide.


The UEN is focused on understanding and managing ‘information processes,’ with initiatives and events tailored towards meeting the needs and ambitions of institutions and citizens alike.


Today, the UEN represents one of the world’s top 3 overall professional networks in the public relations sector, and it ranks among the world’s top 10 networks in integrated communication.

The UEN has a history that is tied to the development of social and institutional politics. In 1985, Pomilio Blumm was already founding the Ameen Blumm initiative in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia as a nod to a vocation steeped in internationalism, which was nurtured over time with “The Bridge,” and today, with the EUN.

It has been apparent since 2010 that the organization of expertise and services within the commercial communication sector (ADV, PR, design firms, etc.) is ill fitted towards meeting the specific needs being presented by the institutional communication sector – both at the local and international levels.

The UEN and other network players

The UEN positions itself in a varied market where dozens of networks with international dimensions exist – these are the players that handle sale processes, and the promotion of brands and products. However, no other similarly sized network is capable of exclusively focusing on values, institutions, and citizens, in the accomplished manner that the UEN can.


Founded by Pomilio Blumm, the Ultra European Network (UEN) was conceived as the world’s first network for institutional communication.

When considering the aim of ‘going global,’ there are only a few players within the European market that are capable of absorbing and meeting the world’s communication needs. No network is larger and more ‘institution-oriented’ than the UEN, with the exception of a very few that truly operate as European-based PR networking agencies.

Are ‘extra-EU’ partners trustworthy enough to manage the EU’s critical information processes?

Although the majority appear to be superficially ‘EU-looking,’ they are owned by extra-EU corporations that have little familiarity with the European market and its related dynamics. For this reason, the Ultra European Network features several exceptional added values: being European, independent in nature, and capable of managing the EU’s mechanisms and peculiarities.

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